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The People are Speaking – Stop Brexit @ The Brighton Dome

Join us at Brighton Dome Theatre, where the memories of Abba's 1974 win at Eurovision is very much alive,  We haven't got Abba but we do have an array of well-known speakers, comedians and musicians.


The People Are Speaking: #Stop Brexit

In last year’s referendum, Brighton and Hove voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. We are a European City that celebrates Europe and being part of it. We welcome people from across Europe and further afield, and – as a City of Sanctuary – we insist that those of us who are citizens of other countries should be able to live here free from hostility or threats of exclusion. We value our cultural connections with Europe, and our economy benefits from the thousands of students and visitors who come to our cities from abroad, and from the financial institutions that provide employment.

We want to #Stop Brexit, and we want Labour to hear us!

After our afternoon march and rally, join us at the Brighton Dome to add your voices to ours.



Doors open 6.15pm – Come early to browse our stalls, mingle and have a drink.  

7pm – Welcome, introduction by Caroline Lucas MP and panel discussion “What next in the fight against Brexit?” Chaired by Polly Toynbee, our panellists are Ian Dunt (Guardian journalist, and author of Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?), Jonathan Bartley (Co-Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales) and MPs Seb Dance, Darren Jones and Catherine West. When you book your ticket, you can submit a question to the panel.

8.30pm – Interval

8.45pm – Let’s laugh, not weep! We are joined by guest comedians Stephen Grant, Dannie Grufferty and Ava Vidal, each presenting us with their unique take on the train crash that is the Brexit trajectory of this government.

We will end the evening with music from Electric Soft Parade and The Dulcetones, ending at 10pm proudly waving our EU flags.

Those of us who are passionate about remaining in the EU need to make our voices louder, firmer and more resolute. We need to continue to support those Labour MPs who voted not to trigger Article 50, and continue the battle for the UK to have its place within a reformed Europe.

Join us at the Brighton Dome to send a strong unequivocal message to Labour – The People Are Speaking: #Stop Brexit!

Note: Seating is unreserved.


Book tickets at:

The Brighton Dome, Church Street, Brighton BN1 1UE

Doors open at 6.15pm for a 7.00pm start.

Danielle Grufferty

Ava Vidal

The Dulcetones

Catherine West

Ian Dunt

Darren Jones

Jonathan Bartley

Seb Dance