Brexit means austerity

Brexit is being used to justify more huge cuts to public services, extreme deregulation and slashing of rights and protections. Brexit is estimated to cost billions in lost tax revenue.

The right side of history

The 2016 referendum was not a ‘win’. A decision on the rights of millions of people was taken by only 37% of eligible voters. Many arguments were incorrect, speculation or in many cases outright lies made to get the vote over the line.

On Sunday the 24th September 2017, we will march through Brighton and Hove from 1pm, defiantly waving European flags and banners of all colours and hues. We will march past the Labour Party Conference, making as much noise as is humanly possible. We will march along the seafront to Hove Lawns, where we will hold a rally with prominent guest speakers, our local MPs and more. Join us, bring your banners, whistles, instruments, EU and national flags. (see our 'RALLY EVENTS' page for details).

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